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Tibetan Necklaces

Tibetan Necklaces, made from sterling silver, plated silver, with gemstones and beads

Our Tibetan Necklace section features a variety of different necklaces in every price range. Some of our most popular necklaces are the yak bone necklaces. These show various designs such as the Buddha eyes symbol and the om symbol. With an adjustable cotton cord on each of the yak bone necklaces, they make the perfect gift for both men and women. We also have larger necklaces made from a combination of yak bone, turquoise, and coral beads. Depending on the occassion, these more elaborate necklaces can really liven up your outfit. If you would prefer to make your own necklace, you can check out our Tibetan pendants section or our Prayer Boxes section. We also have chains and cords in our Jewelry Accessories section.