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Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan Jewelry, Buddhist Jewelry

Tibetan Jewelry is characteristically oversized and heavy. There is an emphasis places on elaborate, intricate designs, and jewelry has always been an important part of daily dress for Tibetan people. Our jewelry collection offers a diverse group of jewelry, we have jewelry made from sterling silver, white metal, bone, wood, and many different beads and gemstones. We have the larger more traditional Tibetan pieces, and smaller items as well. You can choose jewelry with Buddhist symbolism, but we also have a large amount of jewelry that isn't specifically Buddhist jewelry. These items include our gemstone bracelets, and many items in our sterling silver bracelet section and our Tibetan silver bracelet section have unique designs that are not from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition specifically. Whatever your taste, we have a large selection of Buddhist jewelry and there is certainly something for everyone.