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The Mandala Set

The Mandala Set is a tool used by Buddhist in ceremonies. The Mandala set is representative of the mind and the body of Buddha, and this set has the ability to grant practitioners great power. The word mandala means circle. Mandala sets are primarily used during the mandala offering ritual. In this ritual, the practitioner offers the universe to the gods.

The center of the Mandala sets represents Mount Meru, a sacred Eastern mountain often considered the center of the universe. Mount Meru is said to be 672,000 miles high. Many temples got their inspiration for construction from Mount Meru. Mount Meru has four sides, and each side is a different color and gemstone, lapis lazuli, ruby, crystal, or gold. There is always an ornamental top on top of the mandala set.

To meditate on a Mandala set, you must first say prayers of sacrifice and offering. Recite Vajrasattva's hundred syllable mantra while wiping the bottom clean. You then add a drop of water to the base, which symbolizes compassion. Offerings can be placed around the center of the mandala. Each layer is then filled with offerings. The offerings can be the same or different for each ring. Examples of offerings are coins, beads, jewels, or rice. The offerings should be what you find valuable. At the end, you can hold the Mandala set over your head to show that you will sacrifice everything for enlightenment.

Through the ritual of the Mandala Set, both wisdom and merit may be gained. After finishing, you should visualize the deities transformed into a white light that enters the soul. The Mandala can be used in other ways as well. It can be used to make an offering to a spiritual teacher to request guidance on the path or as a symbol of gratitude to the teacher.

Mandala sets are often made from copper, brass, gold, or silver. Mandala sets are often engraved with Tibetan Buddhist symbols or mantras. The Eight Auspicious signs are popular symbols for Mandala sets. The three rings of mandala sets symbolize the Three Jewels of refuge, which are the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The Mandala set should be purified at least annually, but preferably once a month.

Mandala sets are an important component of objects used in Tibetan Buddhist practices. They provide important means of preparation for meditation. Practitioners used Mandala sets to help balance the outer world and the inner mind.

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