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Premium Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Premium Singing Bowls

The singing bowls in this section are each individually marked by note and chakra. These are premium singing bowls, and they are perfect if you are looking for an exact note or chakra for healing, cleansing, meditation, or music. Because the sounds of singing bowls vary widely, the sound may be different, even in the case of two bowls that are the same size and style. Each singing bowl in this section is a premium quality bowl, and the bowl that is pictured is exactly the singing bowl you will receive.

Here is a full list of the notes and the corresponding chakras and the attributes of each chakra.

C Note- Root chakra, stability and sense of security

D Note- Sacral Chakra, emotional stability and adaptability

E Note- Solar Plexus Chakra, personal power, energy, vitality and self-esteem

F Note- Heart Chakra, self-acceptance and unconditional love

G Note- Throat Chakra, creative expression and communication, language and sound

A Note- Third Eye Chakra, intuition and imagination

B Note- Crown Chakra, spiritual connection, faith, wisdom