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Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues, including Happy Buddha statues, Avalokiteshvara statues, The Medicine Buddha statues, and Green Tara statues

Our Tibetan Buddha Statues come in the shape of every possible Buddhist deity. In general, Buddhism is a practice of finding peace within oneself. Tibetan Buddhism is practiced by people who live in Tibet, and there are some practices that are unique to Tibetan Buddhism. Through the influence of Karma, the mechanism that determines how a person's acts will impact their next incarnation, Buddhists practice finding the good within everything. Their desire is to live happily, not harming others and working towards their ultimate goal of enlightenment. Buddhism acts as a philosophy that regulates a person's place in the world, and the universe.

Our Tibetan Buddha statue collection varies widely in terms of style and material they are made from. Some Buddha statues are made from gold, while others are made from turquoise and bronze. The statues below are of particular Buddhas who each represent certain characteristics. Please read the description below each Tibetan Buddha statue to find out the meaning of each one. Check out our glossary for more information on Buddhism, and start a Tibetan Buddha statue collection to add peace and tranquility in your home today.