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New Styles of Blooming Lotus Candle Holders


We have a couple of new styles of blooming lotus candle holders in stock in brass and iron. The blooming lotus style of candle holder has been a bestseller for us for many years. When you receive the candle holder it will be closed. To open the candle holder, hold the lotus petals at the top and twist one way with the lotus petals and twist the other way with the base and it will open into a lotus flower and expose the candle holder inside.

Blooming Lotus Candle holder, Green

This candle holder features the lotus flower on top of a lotus

design and it is green in color. This blooming lotus candle holder

is 6 inches tall and it was handmade in Nepal.

Blooming Lotus Candle holderBlooming Lotus Candle holder

Brass Blooming Lotus Candle holder with Turtle

This candle holder is made from brass and it is 6 inches tall. It opens to 

5 inches wide. This candle holder has the blooming lotus on top of a turtle.

Blooming Lotus Candle holderBlooming Lotus Candle holder