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Herbal Tea from Nepal


       Like many Eastern cultures, Nepal is a tea-drinking culture. It is common in Nepal for people to ask, when greeting each other, "Chiya khaayo?" This means, "Did you have your tea?" Even during the heat of summer, the people of Nepal drink hot tea every day. Unlike in the West where drinking cold drinks is thought to bring down your body temperature and make you cooler, in Nepal drinking hot tea is thought to make you sweat, and then you will feel cooler after sweating. 

      The tea culture in Nepal came from India around 1950. Today, many teas are grown and produced in Nepal, and we have a collection of great Tea from Nepal on

Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea that was first grown in China, and it

has spread to many other countries because of its medicinal 

properties. This tea comes in a small passport bag, which can 

be used as a purse after removing the tea. Nepal green tea 

comes in loose pressed form. There are 50 grams of tea in 

this bag, and each bag is $13.99.

Masala Tea, Masala Chai Tea

Masala Tea

Masala Tea, or Masala Chai is like chai tea from India. It is 

commonly brewed in Nepal with milk instead of water. Masala

tea also comes in the pressed tea form, but in tea bags, and 

it is very soothing yet spicy. This tea comes in a box made 

from lokta paper. There are 25 tea bags in this box. But we 

also have Masala tea in the form shown above, loose 

pressed tea in a passport bag. This box is $11.99.

Darjeeling Tea in a Reusable Passport Bag

Darjeeling tea is another style of tea that hails from India.

Darjeeling tea is less spicy than Masala tea, but it is also

suggested to brew Darjeeling tea in milk instead of water.

This tea comes in a reusable passport bag in loose pressed

form. This bag is $13.99.