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Blog - singing bowls

What's new?


We have 15 new singing bowls in stock, and a beautiful new thangka in stock.

Our new singing bowls...

We are not going to bore you with all 15, you can find them all in our New Products section, but here are a couple of our favorites...

Copper and Brass Singing Bowl, 4.5"


Brass Singing Bowl, 9"


We also have this new printed thangka, and it's on sale!

Kurukulla Thangka, $52.99

This thangka was handmade in Nepal, and it is

a printed thangka.

New in stock- Extra-Large Singing Bowl Rings and Om Symbol Cushions in New Colors!

For a while we have only stocked between 3 and 5 inch singing bowl rings on our site, but we have had many requests for larger singing bowl rings. We now have a new group of singing bowl rings that are 7 inches wide, and we have a variety of colors. These singing bowl rings [...]

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