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Blog - Tibetan mala

New Malas with Charms


We have some new designs in our ever-popular wrist malas with charms. On each wrist mala you can choose which charm you would like with the wrist mala. The choices are a brass tree of life charm, a Buddha head charm, an om charm, a silver tree of life charm, and a two-sided silver tree of life charm. The charms enhance your mala and make it look both beautiful and unique.

Hematite Wrist Mala with Charm


Turquoise Wrist Mala with Charm


Phoenix Eye Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala with Charm


Each wrist mala was handmade in Nepal and the charms are also made in Nepal.

Guru Beads to make your own malas

Making Buddhist prayer beads, or malas, is something people are starting to enjoy doing themselves as a hobby, or to sell. The word mala is a Sanskrit word meaning garland or necklace.There are some basic rules to making Buddhist malas. The main rule is that a long set of prayer beads should have 108 beads. [...]

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Wrist Malas with Beautiful Charms

We have a new group of wrist malas in stock with beautiful charms at the end of each wrist mala. Dark Wood Wrist Mala with Silver Tree of Life CharmThis wrist mala was handmade in Nepal. It is made from dark wood beads.Each bead is 15 mm wide and this wrist mala is 8 inches long. [...]

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